Frequently Asked Questions

It is a medium between buyer and seller to exchange books with nearby people. Else, it provides pick-up and delivery facilities of books with little extra cost. \n\nBooks are precious, it should not be dumped. It should be exchange between different people. So, enjoy buying and selling used books in India.

If your profile is private, your number is hidden from all the book buyers. So, it is recommended to make your profile public, so that buyers can reach you immediately.

This application is for exchanging books within nearby people. However, you can reach us for home delivery of books but it may charge you little extra cost for pick-up and delivery

When buyers contact you then you can discuss how you can close the deal between each other. In case of shipment, you can pay in the application itself after confirmation with our customer support

We pay our book sellers immediately when books are picked up by our courier partners from their place. They just have to share the courior partner receipt image over WhatsApp and post verification we process it immediately by using Google Pay/PayTM/PhonePe etc.

Items not accepted by buyer will only be shipped back to the Seller and seller has to payback the amount to ShowMyBook which was paid to him at the time of selling.